Carol Edwards is a native of Chicago, IL but now makes Atlanta, Georgia her home. She is the youngest of four girls. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Loyola University. Traveling, music and reading are among her leisure activities.

Carol felt early on that God placed in her heart a seed to write a children’s story, but what she thought would be one story turned into a book series. She loves writing Christian books for kids and has enjoyed every minute of writing her Jacy’s Search for Jesus series. The series takes young readers on an amazing journey with Jacy. This journey takes him far away from home, but never far from Jesus. This series is quickly growing in popularity and has been praised by parents and professionals alike for their content and beautifully designed illustrations. She has received positive reviews on her work from Bookwire Review and Readers Digest. The series includes four books: Jacy’s Search For Jesus, Jacy Meets Betsy, Jacy Faces Evil, and coming soon Jacy A New Beginning. 

Carol is now working on a series of Bible stories for children.

Author Bio & Note
Author Bio
The Lord put on my heart many years ago to write a children's story, but for the longest time I just didn't have a story or even know how to begin writing one. I made a few half-hearted attempts but pretty much had given up on it. Then one night when I was feeling strangely distant from God, I thought had I strayed that far away that I didn't even know where to find Jesus anymore? As I was lying there, just like that, it hit me! I knew after all these years I finally had my idea for my children's story. Hence, Jacy's Search for Jesus was birthed.

Now that I had the idea, I still needed to develop the storyline. I wrote the story and rewrote it and rewrote it again. Somewhere in between I decided to make the story into a series of stories. I submitted my work to a few publishers- not many-, because most were not excepting new manuscripts and the one or two I did submit to turned me down. The story didn't fit their norm, or they didn't like something about it. Granted some of their comments were correct and I worked to improve my manuscript, so I took a children's writing class. After making the revisions, I knew in order to get this story out there I was going to have to do it myself. Yes, there were some other avenues I could have pursued to get published, but I really wanted the challenge of doing it myself. Out of that, Majestic Publishing was birthed. So now I had given birth twice once to the story and second to my own company. With my own publishing company I could write my stories the way I felt the Lord was leading me. Like most parents I wish I could say it was 18 or 20 hours of labor and I was done. But we all know after the labor pain comes the really hard work. It's taken years to get to this point and I'm sure to suffer more pain because this is only the beginning.If 5 or10 years ago someone would have told me I would be doing this, I wouldn't have believed them. The Lord has placed something in your heart that only you can do. I know you have probably heard this many times before. I had too but I don't know if I really believed it. Sometimes the things God places on our hearts seem so distant, so un-obtainable, or it's simply something we just don't want to do, and as a result we tend to ignore it. We as Christians are led in many directions. It is sometimes hard to recognize that God-given direction. God is faithful and if we are still long enough for Him to get our attention; He will bring those things he placed on our hearts sometimes years ago, back to our remembrance. Then it's up to us to take action.

My prayer for you is that you will follow your God given dream wherever it may take you and know you're not going alone. God is with you. Pray for me as I endeavor on this journey to teach young ones about Christ and give other unknown Christian authors their voice. Remember we can do all things thru Christ Jesus.

God Bless You.


Author's Note