The Jacy's Search for Jesus series introduces young children to Jesus in a simple and fun way. 

In this four part series, we take children on a journey that will answer many of their questions about Jesus Christ. These books are designed to entertain as well as teach. Children learn valuable life lessons. 

Great for children's church ministries, as well as additional reading material in the classroom. It is our hope that you would like to make the Jacy's Search For Jesus a part of a child's life.

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The Jacy's Search For Jesus series is now available in ebook format and  available in the iBookstore.
The Jacy's Search for Jesus Series
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The first book in this four part series starts when Jacy a young eagle is separated from his mother during a violent thunderstorm. Finding himself alone in a strange forest, Jacy remembers his mother's words: If we are ever separated, look for Jesus. Thus begins Jacy's search to find Jesus and home. Follow Jacy as his search for Jesus starts to unfold.

It has been a year since a terrible storm separated Jacy and his mother. Jacy is still in the forest where he continues his search for his mother and Jesus. His path crosses with a strange-looking bunny named Betsy and a wonderful friendship soon develops between the two. Join Jacy again in his search and see everyday life lessons learned, as Jacy and Betsy amuse and delight you in this second book of the Jacy's Search For Jesus Series.

In this third book we are introduced to two new characters in the forest, Daisy Dear and Carl Crow. We are once again pulled into the story of Jacy, no longer a baby eagle but a maturing young eagle that is learning to listen to his "inner voice" He soon realizes he has the power within himself to save the life of his dear friend, Betsy Bunny, as well as his own.

Children will have fun learning with Jacy and friends. These activities are educational as well as entertaining. The activities are geared toward preschoolers through first grade, giving young learners a chance to build on th skills they are learning in school.